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Where Guinea Pigs Get Their Vitamin C

Animals that don’t manufacture their own vitamin C can get scurvy. This can cause a creature to become tired and lethargic, but it can also create internal bleeding that can result in death. Fortunately, many critters are able to create this important vitamin in their bodies themselves, but guinea pigs aren’t one of them.

If a guinea pig isn’t able to produce his own vitamin C, where does he get it?

In his food

The most important source of vitamin C for a guinea pig is his food, according to a veterinarian. After all, humans can’t manufacture their own vitamin C either and that’s exactly where we get it! The key is choosing the right diet for your furry friend.

There is no shortage of options at the pet store, which is why it’s so important that you pay close attention before you head to the checkout counter. Make sure you choose a brand that is specially formulated for guinea pigs.

Choose a diet that is pellet based to get the most nutrition for your pet. If you choose a mixed food with snacks, your guinea pig may end up leaving the vitamin-rich pellets behind and eat all the high-fat seeds and nuts instead.


No guinea pig diet is complete without treats! The easiest way to provide your critter with vitamin C is to choose a few treats at the pet store. There are many to choose from that are just as tasty as they are healthy.

Of course, you can provide your pig with human treats too! There are many different kinds of foods that your pet can munch on that are high in vitamin C. Strawberries, broccoli, and bell peppers are just a few examples of fruits and vegetables that contain this nutrient.

In his water

Worried that your guinea pig isn’t getting enough vitamin C in his diet through is food and treats? You can also try adding a little to his water!

The pet store carries additives that contain vitamin C in liquid and powder form. They can be added to your guinea pig’s water, ensuring he gets this important nutrient every time he goes to take a drink.

Worried that your pet is vitamin C deficient? Schedule an appointment with your veterinarian.  Learn more details visit at-http://topdvm.com/

Possession Aggression And Dominance Are Important Causes Of Aggressive Behavior In Dogs

Possession Aggression And Dominance Are Important Causes Of Aggressive Behavior In Dogs

Dogs are normally possessive, but some can be more possessive than others and won’t hesitate to exhibit aggressive behavior if they feel someone is out to get what they think is theirs.  A dog can become possessive of their toy, food, bed, territory, and even their humans. Dogs with possessive aggression may growl if someone goes near him while he is eating or chewing a favorite toy. He may also charge and bite an unfamiliar person who steps inside your yard or home.


Some dogs display aggressive behavior to establish dominance. Aggression is usually aimed at other dogs, but it can also be directed towards humans as well. Dogs that show this type of aggressive behavior feel that they are dominant and in charge of the situation. Displays of aggression can occur when the dog feels his dominance is being challenged.

Since a health issue can also be a potential cause of your pet’s behavior, it’s important to have your pet checked out by your vet to rule out a health issue.  For more information visit to your veterinary clinic.