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Why Exercising Is So Important to Your Dog

Everyone knows that dogs need exercise. The trouble is, not everyone understands why exercise is so important. A few of the reasons might surprise you!

Physical health

The most common reason a professional vet clinic recommends exercise is to keep your dog in good physical health. It’s also the main reason why pet parents head outside and walk their canine companions every day.

Regular physical exercise can help keep your dog at a healthy weight. This helps prevent diabetes and it can prevent arthritis when your pooch gets older. Regular exercise can keep your pet more energetic and less lethargic too, which encourages more exercise.

Mental health

There’s no doubt that exercising can keep your pooch physically healthy, but it can help with your pet’s mental health too.

When the weather is cold, you probably get cabin fever. Your dog can get cabin fever too, but he can get it any time of the year if he isn’t allowed to go outside on a regular basis. Regular exercise can provide him with fresh air and prevent boredom.

It’s even better if you try walking or jogging in new areas every once in a while. That will keep exercising fresh and interesting for your pooch.


The benefits of exercise don’t stop there. Getting out and about with your pooch allows him to be social as well!

First, he gets to be social with you. Going for a walk and playing in the park are great ways to spend time with your dog. It allows the two of you to spend quality time together, and it also gives you a chance to do a little training, which will only enhance your relationship further.

Not only does your dog get to be social with you, he gets to be social with other people and animals! Whether someone stops to pat your furry friend on the head, he gets to smell the neighbor pooch down the street, or he gets to smell the markings on light poles that have been left by other animals, exercise is a great way for him to interact with others.

In addition to these reasons, exercising is simply a lot of fun! For fresh, new exercise ideas, give your vet clinic a call and ask for professional advice.

Do All Hedgehogs Carry Salmonella?

Do All Hedgehogs Carry Salmonella

A good number of Salmonella outbreaks in humans have been traced back to hedgehogs that are kept as pets. Salmonella is a type of bacteria that can infect humans. Pet reptiles and pocket pets are natural carriers of the bacteria. Typical signs of Salmonella infection in people include abdominal cramps, diarrhea, and fever. The onset of symptoms can occur as early as within 12 hours after coming into contact with an infected pet.

Picking a healthy hedgehog is very important. Steer clear of hedgehogs with diarrhea, is lethargic, and has eye and nose discharges. While picking out a hedgehog from a group, avoid purchasing healthy ones if there is a sickly looking hedgehog in the bunch.

The best way to protect yourself from getting the infection is to wash your hands with soap and water after handling your pet, the enclosure, bedding, cage furniture, etc. Droppings should be disposed of properly. Avoid eating or smoking while handling your pet. Handling of pets in areas where you prepare food should never be made. Kissing or holding your pet close to your mouth should also be avoided.  For more details visit our site.

Before Cleaning Your Dog’s Ears

Before Cleaning Your Dog_s Ears

Some dogs need to have their ears cleaned frequently to avoid excessive buildup of earwax and debris. However, there are those that can do well with less frequent cleaning. Knowing how to clean your pet’s ears properly is very important to avoid damaging the delicate structures of the ears. It’s best to clean your pet’s ears just before giving him a bath. It’s also a good idea to do it outdoors to prevent ear debris and cleaning solution from getting into walls or on things when he shakes his head. Use a towel to wrap around your dog and keep him dry. You may also need a towel so you won’t get anything on your clothes.

Before cleaning your pet’s ears take a closer look at each ear and check for dirt and excess hair. If there is a lot of hair in the ear canal, you may need to pluck them using your fingers or tweezers. You can also ask your groomer or staff at the vet clinic for a special ear powder for dogs which can help grip the hair.

How Hamsters Get Fat

Unfortunately, overweight dogs and cats aren’t uncommon. But hamsters? It seems strange that these tiny little creatures could have such a problem with their weight too!

Here’s how your pet could be putting on extra weight, according to a professional vet.

Poor diet

The first place you want to look is your pet’s diet. What are you feeding your hamster?

When it comes to dogs and cats, extra weight is usually a problem because their owners feed them human food, but you aren’t likely to give your hamster lunch meat, pizza, or ice cream. How in the world is he getting fat then?

Just because you get your hammy’s food at the pet store doesn’t mean it’s healthy. A lot of hamster food at the store contains seeds and nuts that can make him overweight.

The best way to keep your pet at a healthy weight is to feed him basic pellets that are developed just for hamsters. Avoid mixed food. Although your critter loves the seeds, nuts, and snacks that come in these bags, he’s likely to pick through his food and eat what he likes the best, leaving the healthiest bits behind.

That doesn’t mean your hamster can’t have a snack every once in a while! Give your critter fresh fruit, vegetables, and nuts just once every day or two to keep him at a healthy weight.

Not enough exercise

Think you’re feeding your hamster properly, but he’s still putting on weight? He probably isn’t getting enough exercise.

First, take a look at his cage. Does he have enough room to walk, run, and explore? If he has a small aquarium or wire cage without any tubes, he probably spends more time sitting around than walking.

This is especially the case if your hamster doesn’t have a running wheel. Or, maybe he has one that he doesn’t use. Purchase different styles until you find one that your furry little friend actually likes.

How much time does your critter get outside the cage? He needs to come out and play in order to stay trim! Build a box full of fun items he can explore, or get a hamster ball and let your pet run around the house.

Still having trouble getting your hamster to lose weight? You might need a little extra help from your vet, so should give them a call.

Sexing Snakes Based On The Appearance Of The Tail

Sexing Snakes Based On The Appearance Of The Tail

Do you know whether your pet snake is a male or a female? In snakes, telling the difference between the sexes is not as easy as it is with many other types of animals. Both male and female snakes appear similar, but there are ways to tell the sexes apart. However, it will take a bit of experience to use any of these techniques because it can injure the snake if it’s not properly done.

Male snakes possess a paired sex organs called the “hemipenes”. The tube-like organs are normally situated inside the body just below the cloacal opening or vent and extend along the tail on each side of the snake’s midline. They are basically two small penises that are safely tucked inside the tail of the snake. The hemipenes is not present in female snakes.

The experienced eye will be able to tell whether a snake has a hemipenes because of visible cues such as the shape and length of the tail. The tail of male snakes appear thicker and longer and suddenly taper out to the tip. On the other hand, female snakes have thinner and shorter tails that tapers evenly to the tip. Learn more details visit here.

Tips For Dealing With Depressed Dogs

Tips For Dealing With Depressed Dogs

Dogs can suffer from depression, too. Like humans, depression in dogs can be due to a variety of causes including illness, grief, phobia, environmental changes, or even the pet owner’s disposition.

If your pet has been given a clean bill of health by your vet, it’s time to think of ways to make life fun again for your canine buddy. Start by taking more outdoor excursions with your dog and other activities that you and your pet will both enjoy. These are also great ways to bond with your dog. You can also consider taking him to the dog park or enroll him in doggie daycare; these are excellent opportunities to feed your pet’s social nature and encourage interaction with other dogs.

However, make sure not to “baby” your dog when he is depressed. Overdoing coddling or comforting your dog can reinforce the behavior. Your activities should be geared towards increasing your dog’s sense of security and boosting his self-confidence. For more detail visit to your veterinary clinic.

Arthritis In Pet Rabbits

Arthritis In Pet Rabbits

Arthritis (osteoarthritis) refers to the inflammation of the joints. And rabbits can get it too, just like other pets and even humans! The problem is more common among older rabbits and limping is an important symptom. Arthritis can affect both front legs and hind legs, in the wrist (carpus), ankle (hock), hip joint, and in many other joints of the feet and toes.

If your rabbit is limping, your vet may perform x-rays to determine if there is arthritis. While there is no way to get rid of arthritis, its symptoms can be managed, reduced, and even eliminated. Pain relievers and anti-inflammatory medications may be prescribed or recommended by your veterinarian. Since there are no medications that are specifically formulated for long-term arthritis treatment in rabbits, you should work closely with your veterinarian in helping manage your pet’s arthritis. Take note that certain medications can be harmful to rabbits. It’s best to consult your vets care about any medications and supplements before giving them to your pet.