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Pet Cats Still Possess Have Predator Instincts


Even with years of domestication, cats still possess a strong instinct to hunt for prey. Although their food is provided by their owners and they don’t need to hunt anymore, a pet cat still spends a good part of his day in “prey-play”, hunting and prowling nooks and crannies around the house.

In order to satisfy your pet’s unique needs, you must create lots of opportunities where they can engage in natural habits and behaviors. Cat-safe prey toys, hunting games, etc. can help satisfy your pet’s hunter instincts and give him hours of fun as well as physical and mental stimulation. You can hang prey toys on door knobs or chairs, let your kitty play with a feather or toy tied with a string, or hide some of his favorite treats around the house. There are also cat trees that come with a hanging toy that can easily detach from the tree in case your pet gets tangled in the string. For more information visit the website http://birdpicsandmore.com/


Why Cats Need Help With Grooming


Cats groom themselves every day but they will still need some grooming help provided by their owners.  Here are important reasons why grooming your kitty should be a part of his daily routine:

  • Hair brushing promotes blood circulation and aid in the development of muscle tone.
  • Old and loose hairs are removed and properly disposed of before they fall off to the floor or be swallowed by the cat while grooming
  • Oil glands found at the base of the cat’s tail are stimulated during hair brushing. The glands secrete special oils that increases the water-repellent capacity of the cat’s hair coat.
  • Hair coat that is well-groomed is healthy and provides additional protective cover from the elements.
  • Short-haired cats can do well with a weekly brushing using a brush or soft-bristle comb, while long-haired cats will benefit from daily brushing using a steel comb. For more advice contact your veterinary clinic.

Pet Lizards

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Most species of lizards that are kept as pets have special needs in terms of nutrition, heating, and lighting conditions. In fact, there are a few lizard species that can be recommended as pets for first-time lizard owners. Some can grow large and develop aggressive behaviors; while there are those with specialized needs and are difficult to care for, or too delicate to handle.

Bearded dragons, leopard geckos, and blue-tongued skinks are just some types of lizards that can be recommended for newbies. Most can be tamed to allow handling and interaction. Unlike other reptile species, these lizards don’t need special UV lighting in their enclosures.

But chameleons and iguanas are not recommended for first-time pet owners. Chameleons have very specialized needs and can easily be affected by stressors in their immediate environment, while iguanas can grow quite large and tend to develop behavior.  For more details visit the website http://www.mothernature-hawaii.com/.

Housing Requirements Of Floating Frogs (Occidozyga lima)


Floating frogs are just some of the many species of exotic pets that many people are now keeping. They are also called by a variety of names including Pointed-tongue Floating frogs, Pearly Skin Puddle frogs, or Green Puddle frogs. They are small and hardy and their housing needs can easily be met even for newbies. When given optimum care and nutrition, these frogs can live for more than 3 years.

Floating frogs thrive in an aquatic ecosystem. All you need is a 2-gallon tank filled halfway with water. Avoid filling up to near the top of the tank to prevent the frogs from jumping out. Put in some floating plants and driftwood for them to take a rest and be comfortable. Yes, your pet can also get tired from swimming even though they are aquatic frog species. Lights and other fixtures can also be installed to make the tank more attractive and eye-catching. For more suggestion contact your local veterinary clinic.

Doggie Day Care for your Pooch

dog boarding nearby

Dogs are not immune to boredom. When left alone, they manifest behaviors of boredom such as chewing, persistent barking, and destructive behaviors. Dog owners need to be sensitive enough with these problem behaviors.

Doggie daycare services are now available to alleviate your dog’s feeling of isolation. Most of these daycares are equipped with facilities to pamper their furry clients. Your dog is provided opportunities to interact with humans and other dogs to stimulate them physically and mentally.  Most daycares provide food, bath, and structured plays.

Before enrolling your pet, be sure to visit several daycares for you to assess the facilities and services. The place must be clean and in strict compliance with the health requirements. It is also advised that you observe the initial rapport of your dog with the daycare staff. The best daycare provides a good experience for your dog and gives the best value for your money. For more details contact your local vet care.

Where Guinea Pigs Get Their Vitamin C

Animals that don’t manufacture their own vitamin C can get scurvy. This can cause a creature to become tired and lethargic, but it can also create internal bleeding that can result in death. Fortunately, many critters are able to create this important vitamin in their bodies themselves, but guinea pigs aren’t one of them.

If a guinea pig isn’t able to produce his own vitamin C, where does he get it?

In his food

The most important source of vitamin C for a guinea pig is his food, according to a veterinarian. After all, humans can’t manufacture their own vitamin C either and that’s exactly where we get it! The key is choosing the right diet for your furry friend.

There is no shortage of options at the pet store, which is why it’s so important that you pay close attention before you head to the checkout counter. Make sure you choose a brand that is specially formulated for guinea pigs.

Choose a diet that is pellet based to get the most nutrition for your pet. If you choose a mixed food with snacks, your guinea pig may end up leaving the vitamin-rich pellets behind and eat all the high-fat seeds and nuts instead.


No guinea pig diet is complete without treats! The easiest way to provide your critter with vitamin C is to choose a few treats at the pet store. There are many to choose from that are just as tasty as they are healthy.

Of course, you can provide your pig with human treats too! There are many different kinds of foods that your pet can munch on that are high in vitamin C. Strawberries, broccoli, and bell peppers are just a few examples of fruits and vegetables that contain this nutrient.

In his water

Worried that your guinea pig isn’t getting enough vitamin C in his diet through is food and treats? You can also try adding a little to his water!

The pet store carries additives that contain vitamin C in liquid and powder form. They can be added to your guinea pig’s water, ensuring he gets this important nutrient every time he goes to take a drink.

Worried that your pet is vitamin C deficient? Schedule an appointment with your veterinarian.  Learn more details visit at-http://topdvm.com/

The Simplest Ways to Make Your Guinea Pig Happier

As a pet parent, you’ve got a lot on your plate. It’s your job to make sure your guinea pig is happy and healthy. That means making sure he has the right kind of food and access to fresh water at all times. A clean cage is essential, and socializing your pet can make him happier, but is there anything else you can do to enhance your critter’s life?

Get another guinea pig

Guinea pigs can live alone, but a professional vet recommends keeping at least two. That’s because these critters are actually very social!

Getting a friend for your pet will make him much happier. With a friend in the cage, they can chase each other around and snuggle up in bed, even when you’re not at home. Just make sure you get two guinea pigs of the same sex so you don’t end up with surprise babies!

Get a bigger cage

If you decide to bring home another guinea pig, it’s important that you get a bigger cage, but you may want to consider upgrading your pet’s home even if you don’t adopt another animal.

Guinea pigs thrive in large areas that allow them to stretch their legs. Although they aren’t fast or acrobatic, they do like to run around and play, and a larger cage will allow them to do that.

A larger cage also means more places for your guinea pig to hide, especially if you’re able to put in a few nesting boxes. Extra space also means more places to put toys and things to chew on!

Let your guinea pig explore

It’s true that guinea pigs can be a bit skittish, which can make them difficult to handle, but that doesn’t mean you should give up. With the right support, letting your pet explore can make him much happier!

A little lap time is a great way to socialize your pet, but if you really want to make him happy, you need to create a safe area where he can play. Put your pig on the floor and let him run around. Just make sure you hide electrical cords and block off doorways and underneath the furniture.

Keeping your guinea pig happy means scheduling regular appointments, so make sure you call your local vet to schedule your next visit! For more information, visit the given link. www.shakeitupamerica.net